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Which Factors Determine the Cost of Roof Painting? Let’s Explore!

Roof Painting

Painting the roof is an excellent way to improve the look of your home. It can even boost the value of your property. But you are wondering how much the project will cost.

The cost of roof painting can be hugely inconsistent. In Sydney, it may vary from company to company. But before giving an estimate, most roof painters determine the cost depending on the factors we have outlined in this blog. So, keep reading!

Factors Influencing the Price of Roof Painting

The Condition of Your Roof

A damaged roof needs to undergo repairs before applying a coat of paint. And we know how to spot these issues and fix them to make the end result perfect. The cost of repair will, of course, increase in case of extensive damage.

Intricacies of Roof Design

Not all roofs are equal. As a property owner, you can’t expect a quote for a dormer roof or a gambrel roof to be the same as a gable roof. It requires expertise and advanced equipment to create a complex design to make the roof appealing. And painting such roofs also requires complexity, resulting in an increased cost.

The Size

The roof painting cost also depends on the size of your roof. A large roof requires more paint, more labour, more time, and more primer to execute the job.

Access Difficulties Also Matter

Is your roof difficult to access? Then it can be a nightmare to paint the roof on your own. But roof painting experts will assess the scope of work and write an estimate accordingly. If your roof has access difficulties, we not only need extra equipment but also manpower.

Quality of Paint

The quality of the paint also contributes to the overall cost of roof painting. The paints applied to the roof are not regular exterior paint. They are made depending on specific roof materials. For instance, the paint for roof tiles is not as same as the paint used for metal roofs.

Some paints cost more than others. Some require multiple quotes. And that is what raises the cost of the project.

Roof Pitch

The cost will be higher for the steeper roof due to the safety aspect. Painters need to take precautions to ensure safety. A roof that is too steep is not safe to stand on. They need to hire a hoist.


We are one of the best teams for roof painting in Sydney. Our experts never charge extra and make you understand the estimate before making the deal. So, contact us today if you need our help!


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