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DIY Roof Tile Repairs - 5 Mistakes You May Commit!

Many homeowners in Sydney still commit to DIY home repairs to save money, even in terms of roofing. But the truth is, leaving repairs to professionals can actually save time and money. There are many potential hazards you may encounter with DIY roof repairs, especially for tile roofs. It requires knowledgeable attention to detail.

So, attempting DIY tile roof repair can lead to damage, falling and injuring yourself. Below are the common mistakes you may commit when performing this task.

Mistakes You May Commit with DIY Roof Tile Repairs

Choosing the Wrong Roofing Materials

Choose the same type of tile when it comes to repairing roof tiles. If it doesn’t match, there will be a noticeable difference that looks awkward in the aesthetics of a roof. If the tile doesn’t fit properly, you may experience a leak. You can keep some extra tiles on hand in case your roof needs repair. But it’s best to leave it to professionals.

Not Getting a Building Permit

Roofing projects usually require a permit. And if you repair roof tiles on your own without a permit, you may encounter problems later. The truth will come out when you sell your home. You may be penalized with hefty fines and forced to redo the project to meet building codes. If you pull the building permit yourself, you will be liable if anything goes wrong.

Not Inspecting Your Roof

If roof tiles start cracking, the damage will spread over time. And sometimes, it can be difficult to observe. Therefore, always inspect the area around damaged tiles. It can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

Overlooking Safety Measures

Many homeowners underestimate the risk of DIY roof tile repairs. Maybe you know how to use a ladder. And you are comfortable working at heights. But it doesn’t mean you are not at risk. Roof tiles are heavy. And carrying them to the roof is truly risky. Wearing the wrong shoes, stepping in the wrong place, and walking on a roof can be dangerous. So, why take this risk? Leave it to us!

Using Wrong Techniques

Getting roof tiles out of their position is not as easy as it seems. A crowbar can help you do this task. But use it carefully! If you force too much, you may break neighbouring tiles. It’s best to start out gently and increase pressure slowly.

Well, these are the reasons it’s best not to repair tile roofs on your own. And that is where we show expertise. We are a reliable roofing contractor specializing in roof tile repair. Our experts have earned a strong reputation for honesty and precision. So, rely on us! And visit our Facebook page for more updates.


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